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How Ambulatory Surgery Centers Can Improve the Patient Payment Experience

3 ways to enhance the patient experience

By Keith Gruebele, President at BHG Patient Lending

As we approach the middle of the second quarter of 2020, the reality of patients’ high-deductible plans and their impact on the market are amongst the largest challenges ASCs face today.

What is high-deductible season?

When the calendar year resets, patients now have larger out-of-pocket financial responsibility until their deductible is met. This can often lead to a myriad of issues for the patient and the ASC.

What does this mean for ASCs?

Typically, an ASC is a more affordable option for care versus that of a hospital for a similar procedure. This shift to seek care outside of the hospital can impact the ASC in a few ways.

  1. ASCs are often not prepared to manage internal payment plans and extend billing and collection services.
  2. Accounts receivable can grow exponentially causing an unexpected burden on both budget and revenue collection
  3. There’s a high cost to collect on patient balances which leads to lost revenue.

The most economical and effective way to create a great patient experience, reduce expenses, and improve revenue at the center is to seek out a patient financing solution.

How does your current payment experience stack up?

The financing process should be easy and accelerate information in our on-demand society. Since financing is the last impression you leave on the patient, features like an online application and instant credit decision are becoming more important in creating a positive patient experience.

Does your current payment experience:

  1. Offer financing options for all patients, including those with low credit.
  2. Accept different payment methods, including financing plans, cash, credit cards, and checks.
  3. Allow patients to choose their path by providing different monthly payment options that’ll fit different budgets.

At BHG Patient Lending, we strive to help ASCs ease the burden of mounting receivables and increased procedure abandonment, by providing a better way to help patients pay for their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses not covered by insurance.

Explore how a financial partnership with us can impact your bottom line and patient experience. Email me at

Keith Gruebele

President, BHG Patient Lending

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