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How to Support Your Patients and Your Business While Reopening Your ASC

Around the country, surgery centers are reopening or preparing to reopen, all with the goal of maximizing procedures and kickstarting revenue cycles after COVID-19 shutdowns. Most centers have focused significant energy and resources on preparing their staff and centers to meet CDC, state, and federal safety guidelines. However, there are additional preparatory measures you should consider in order to provide a positive experience for your patients and protect your revenue.


Take the time to communicate expectations, and open the floor for questions, before your patients set foot in your ASC. Providing as much detail as possible surrounding procedure details, as well as the protocol that can be expected when they get into the office, will improve efficiency intake and minimize confusion or frustration. Solidifying payment information and paperwork beforehand will also streamline the check-in process and provide peace of mind for patients that the details have been taken care of ahead of time. This will allow your center to make check-in and payment either entirely touchless or as low-contact as possible.


Before patients begin returning to your ASC in pre-COVID-19 waves, consider administrative organization such as resubmitting all insurance claims that are more than 30 days past payment date, and reaching out to payers whose balances are due or will soon be. You may also use this time to implement a cost-free patient financing solution, so that your staff can focus on patient care and safety, as well as improving and accelerating insurance claims submissions, instead of the hassles of going back and forth on payment responsibility. Putting effort into preparing now might save your employees, and your surgery center, precious time and resources as procedures rapidly increase.

Whether your surgery center is already seeing an influx of procedures or getting ready for the surge, taking these steps can help your transition happen more smoothly. When it comes to protecting your employees, patients, and revenue, preparation can make all the difference. Prioritize safety, foster open communication, and streamline your payment process so you can focus on what you do best: helping your patients get the care they need.

Keith Gruebele

EVP, Institutional Relationships

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