For Patients

The affordable way to pay for your healthcare

Whether your healthcare expense was planned or completely unexpected, we understand that sometimes the cost is simply unaffordable. When you receive care through one of our partner surgery centers, hospitals, or health systems, you can pay for your healthcare over time with our easy, flexible patient financing option.

Why patients prefer BHG Patient Lending

Easy Online Application

where you can apply online in a matter of minutes

All credit scores accepted*

with no impact to your credit score for applying

Low Monthly Payments

allowing them to pay for a large healthcare expense over time

flexible options

you can choose your payment amount and due date

Here's how it works

Ask your facility if they offer BHG Patient Lending.

If they're currently one of our partners, ask for an invitation to the online application.

You'll receive an email with the application link and e-sign your loan documents.

Your facility receives the funds and you make payments directly through our online platform.

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